Physician on the Rise


The primary mission of our organization would be to assist students, primarily, although not exclusively, with the comprehension of seemingly difficult math and science courses, with MCAT preparation, and with medical school interviewing skills, by providing them with resources they otherwise may not be able to access without this organization. Some of these resources include having physicians serve as mentors, MCAT preparatory materials, and a collaborative networking amongst qualified students who can serve as a ready source of tutors. We intend for our approach to be seamless and cost-effective.

The specific purposes of this organization shall be the following:

  • To provide a learning environment for study skills enhancement to students who have a burning passion to attend medical school,
  • To help develop well-rounded pre-medical students in areas of community service, research experience, physician shadowing, and grade point average,
  • To work collaboratively with the American Medical Student Association in order to increase the percentage of students from Mississippi State University that are accepted into medical school,
  • To offer professional development opportunities to pre-medical students,
  • To tutor and help pre-medical students who may struggle in prerequisite classes for medical school.

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