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A path to gain entry to a dental school.

*Please note: Pre-dental is not a degree program at MSU; it is a concentration. Our office will provide resources to our pre-dental students to help them become competitive applicants.

How long is Dental School?

Dental school consists of four years of study/general practice to earn a D.D.S., Doctor of Dental Surgery or a D.M.D., Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.

Post-graduation length is dependent on the area of specialty. Click here to compare programs.

General Entrance Requirements for Dental Schools
Bachelor's Degree (does not matter what the degree is in)
Prerequisite courses (varies per institution)
Competitive overall GPA
Competitive Science GPA (Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics)
Competitive Dental Admissions Test (DAT) score
Strong letters of recommendation (LOR's)
Shadowing hours
Extracurricular activities (community service, leadership roles, research, work history, etc.)
MSU Pre-Dental Advising
One-on-one, individualized advising
Navigating prerequisites and developing suitable progression
Discussing plans for shadowing, involvement, LOR's, preparation for DAT
Assistance with application process and personal statements
Interview practice


For assistance in planning a Pre-dental path at MSU, contact Dr. Mary Celeste Reese.


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