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A path to gain entry to nursing school.

At MSU pre-nursing students take the pre-requisite courses of whatever nursing school they plan on applying to for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree require. Many of our students apply to either UMMC in Jackson, MS or MUW in Columbus, MS, but our advisors plan student schedules based on the prerequisites for the BSN program of their choice. The best thing to do is visit the website of a nursing school you plan on applying to, and look at their requirements. Many pre-nursing students are housed in the Department of Biological Sciences under the pre-nursing concentration. This is non-degree route that allows pre-nursing students to complete the prerequisites for BSN programs. 

Entrance to nursing school is very competitive. A minimum of a 21 ACT is required, however, most students have on average a 26 ACT.  A high GPA is also required. A minimum of a 3.0 is often required, but a 3.4 – 3.6 GPA will make you a competitive applicant.

Advisor Contact for Pre-Nursing Students: 

Sara Morgan 


MUW/MSU Dual Degree Option

A student who is willing to apply to the Mississippi University for Women’s School of Nursing and wants to become an MSU alum has the opportunity to earn a dual degree. The student must follow a curriculum that includes MSU requirements for graduation and MUW’s BSN prerequisites. The student must then apply to MUW’s nursing program and once accepted, transfer to MUW for the 2 year BSN program. However, at the end of nursing school, certain nursing credits transfer back to MSU and the student is awarded a Bachelor's of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. Subsequently the student earns 2 bachelor’s degrees, a BSN from MUW and a BSIS from MSU.

Freshman Early Entry (FEE) Program with University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing

This Freshman Early-Entry program is an opportunity to gain entry into UMMC’s BSN program as a college freshman, rather than as a junior. FEE students avoid the competitive selection process for admission into the Traditional BSN program following the completion of the pre-nursing courses as long as a minimum of a student maintains a minimum of a 3.0 college GPA and no less than a “C” in all pre-requisite courses.

Admission Criteria