Application Process

  • As a pre-med student you are always “working” on your application.
  • Most pre-med students do not start the official application until summer of junior year.
  • Applications open up in May, but you can’t submit them to AMCAS until June.
    • Tips:
      • Start working on your personal statement well in advance.
      • The application takes time to do. It will more than likely take more than a week.
      • Do a mock interview.
      • Get involved in clubs. This can help with your application.
      • BEFORE submitting, print out the entirety of your application and have someone check for errors. AMCAS will only fix a few and will send it back to you for correction. This could cause a delay in you getting in.
1st Year Summer 2nd Year Summer 3rd Year Summer 4th Year
Pre-med Course requirements  
Build faculty relationships for letter of recommendation 
  Clinical Experience
  Research, Campus/Community involvement
  MCAT prep and exam
  Application prep
  Set up Recommendation letters
  Submit Application