Shadowing is beneficial in many ways. Most importantly, it allows a student to determine if medicine is the right field for him or her.

How do I find someone to shadow?

  • OCH Shadowing Program
    • Must be at least a Junior
    • Must have current health insurance
    • Students can shadow one (1) semester for 35 hours.
    • If a student has not been accepted into the program, they may re-submit an application each semester.

Tips for Shadowing a Doctor

Finding a Doctor

  • Start by asking your own family doctor
  • If they say yes, ask if they know any doctors in other specialties you could shadow.
  • Call your local hospital.
  • Family members or friends of family.
  • Use your networking skills!

When shadowing

  • Dress professionally if shadowing in a clinic or scrubs if the doctor does not mind. If you are shadowing in the OR, then you will more than likely wear scrubs.
  • Take a mini note book to write down your experiences or medical terminology you may want to look up later.
    • Please note to never write down any personal information of the patients.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Keep a journal of the experiences. One day you may be asked to write about the experience and if it’s two years after the experience then you may not remember it. A journal is a great way to keep an account.
  • Be on time.
  • Send a thank you note to the doctor following your shadowing.
  • The pre-med office works closely with a number of pre-health clubs to provide students with opportunities, like shadowing. Physician’s on the Rise student organization helps students with shadowing opportunities.

Below are websites on shadowing opportunities established through hospitals: